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Well, my Ask Mr. Robot issues have been fixed!

Here, can you see what it is?!


What? No?

Oh yeah, I transmogged everything.

Well, go take a look at my armory.

I’ve got a new Pew Pew: a Death Lotus Crossbow!

It’s a named item, so it doesn’t have the issue that my previous one did.

I’ve been spending some quality time in LFR, getting through phase one of the Black Prince series of quests.

I doubt that it’s worth it; but I’m probably going to try and get one of those “Sha Touched” weapons as well.

Oh, the Joy that LFR can bring into one’s life!

Talking about LFR…

How horrible is it?!

Yes, it really is that bad.

I’ve been in more groups than I can count that get hung up on the Iron Juggernaut.

Now, funny thing happened yesterday.  I had to go into Terrace for the Sha of Fear quest…and had an amazing run!

I figured it was just because we were all overgeared for the instance. But, then I noticed that one of the tanks was a fellow Frostwolf!!!  It was Taloski, who is freakin awesome!

It was truly a great run. No wipes, no complaints, no ashatts.

For a minute I may have forgotten that it was an LFR run.

Hey, let’s count our blessings and pray for another!



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I’m a true fan.

I especially enjoy meeting other WoW bloggers online.


When JD asked for some help with regular Dragon Soul, I jumped at the chance to help him out.

I got online, was invited to the raid, and made my way over to the Caverns of Time.

Got there, and ended up waiting next to a Mage named Kinevra.

Man, that named looked familiar.

Then, as the group began to assemble, some more names started looking familiar…

There was a Draynee, Tyledres, and Kaylon…just to name a few more.

Of course I knew some people, like Zeptepi (Matty) and Tumunzahar (JD).  So, I went ahead and asked JD if there were other Bloggers in the group.

He mentioned the MULTIPLE BLOGGERS who were a part of the group!!!!

OMGOSH! I began to /fanboi all over the place!

Other than Matty and JD, can you guess who these bloggers are?!

WoWScrnShot_011813_214121 WoWScrnShot_011813_214134 WoWScrnShot_011813_214156 WoWScrnShot_011813_214209 WoWScrnShot_011813_214656 WoWScrnShot_011813_221608 WoWScrnShot_011813_213032 WoWScrnShot_011813_213041 WoWScrnShot_011813_213047 WoWScrnShot_011813_213141 WoWScrnShot_011813_214110

And to think, someone actually said I needed help with my Mog! ;)


P.s. We got the first two bosses down. And…No, I wasn’t the cause of any of the wipes! /firsttimeforeverything!

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What can I say, I really like this part of the game.

Just Tillin' The Fields!

Just Tillin’ The Fields!

I can’t say “why” I like it so much, I just do. I find myself wishing I could get more plots to farm.  Maybe set up a little farm in Darnassus.  You know, some place to retire to.

Of course, I’m still loving the Pet Battles!

Got him!

Got him!

So, this is where my WoW life has gotten me.  I’m farming digital plants, and running after digital pets.

I can live with that! ;)


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