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I had two Death Knights camped out on a couple of servers in Jaguero Isle.

I’ve been hunting the elusive Baby Ape!  Turns out, they only come out and play during the rain.

I logged in onto Dexington around 6:00pm CST, and it was raining!

I saw multiple green paws, and I immediately moused over the closest one.


I was able to tame two before the rain ended, and the others disappeared.  I ended up with a Poor and Common quality pet.

WoWScrnShot_020413_180329Turnip is for Tame!

WoWScrnShot_020413_180248Even got an Acheezement out of it!

WoWScrnShot_020413_180737Zwingli’s newest family member!  



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It took me a few years, but I finally got the “Elder” title.



I was inspired by many of the other bloggers of late.  Many have attained different achievements for various things.  I decided to take a look at how far along I was.  It took a bit of flying, but I’m glad I did it.

Now, my dirty little secret is this:

I didn’t do it for the title, or even the accomplishment.

I did it for the pet the Lantern!

Lunar Lantern

You see, I was busy finding the Elders for the coins to purchase it.  That was when, coupled with the achievements of others I’ve been reading, I decided to look at how far along I was.

I’m glad I did.  It is nice to finally have it done.

I also was able to get some Pet Battle Achievements as well.

WoWScrnShot_013013_100617 WoWScrnShot_013013_000054 WoWScrnShot_012913_230132 WoWScrnShot_012913_222747 WoWScrnShot_012913_221754 WoWScrnShot_012913_155947 WoWScrnShot_013013_082403 WoWScrnShot_013013_084015

I’m beginning to understand how achievement hunting can get addicting.



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What can I say, I really like this part of the game.

Just Tillin' The Fields!

Just Tillin’ The Fields!

I can’t say “why” I like it so much, I just do. I find myself wishing I could get more plots to farm.  Maybe set up a little farm in Darnassus.  You know, some place to retire to.

Of course, I’m still loving the Pet Battles!

Got him!

Got him!

So, this is where my WoW life has gotten me.  I’m farming digital plants, and running after digital pets.

I can live with that! 😉


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This has been fun!

My intention was two fold:

First, I wanted some pets high enough in level so that I could participate in Pet Battles while leveling in MoP.

Secondly, I got the itch to actually do the Pet Battle quest line.  At the end of the quest line, I ended up with these (and more) pet achievements!

I plan on going back later and filling in the missing achievements. Thus far, this has been very enjoyable!

I’m currently in the process of taming every new critter I come across as I level through MoPs.  You can click here to see what I’ve been up to lately.

Even though my computer has been wonky, I’ve still been able to get some questing done.

So far so good!

Now, if only my computer would stop trying to die on me.

I’m taking my time and enjoying the game.

I hope that you are enjoying everything that you desire in your World of WoW!


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I had a very small bucket list to finish before MoPs.

That isn’t because I had everything I ever wanted. It’s because I didn’t put a whole lot of pre-thought into the upcoming expansion. 🙂

One thing I wanted to do was finish off my “almost done” achievements. That meant I had to figure out which toon to do it on.

It turns out that Zwingli had the most achievement points, and the greatest number of “almost” done.

However, there was one thing that I wanted, which Caligan had the closest chance on.

I wanted two things, really bad, before MoPs hit.

One was the Traverer’s Tundra Mammoth

And the second was Pebble, of the Rock Lover Achievement.

I got Rock Lover a few days ago!  🙂

My boy Caligan came through for me!

But, today Zwingli finally attained enough gold for the Mammoth!  Granted, it seems that my achievement screen shot addon failed, but I still got the mount. 🙂

So now, all of my toons can ride in style!

Actually, that isn’t it at all.  🙂

I can vendor all of my gray items as I level in MoPs.  But more importantly, if I ever have another visitor from another server; I can take her/him around and show her/him my favorite spots!


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About a week or so ago I decided to try to get as many of the Midsummer Achievements on Khesed as I could.  I assumed that I wouldn’t get very far.

Oh, Ye Of Little Faith!

Granted, it wasn’t easy.  I found myself in this position quite a bit.

As it turns out, I couldn’t finish the whole thing.

You can see how close I got here.

Poor Khesed tried so hard, but he just couldn’t make level 84 in time to get the Ice the Frost Lord Achievement.

So, a year from now he should complete the Midsummer Achievement.



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