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I’m a true fan.

I especially enjoy meeting other WoW bloggers online.


When JD asked for some help with regular Dragon Soul, I jumped at the chance to help him out.

I got online, was invited to the raid, and made my way over to the Caverns of Time.

Got there, and ended up waiting next to a Mage named Kinevra.

Man, that named looked familiar.

Then, as the group began to assemble, some more names started looking familiar…

There was a Draynee, Tyledres, and Kaylon…just to name a few more.

Of course I knew some people, like Zeptepi (Matty) and Tumunzahar (JD).  So, I went ahead and asked JD if there were other Bloggers in the group.

He mentioned the MULTIPLE BLOGGERS who were a part of the group!!!!

OMGOSH! I began to /fanboi all over the place!

Other than Matty and JD, can you guess who these bloggers are?!

WoWScrnShot_011813_214121 WoWScrnShot_011813_214134 WoWScrnShot_011813_214156 WoWScrnShot_011813_214209 WoWScrnShot_011813_214656 WoWScrnShot_011813_221608 WoWScrnShot_011813_213032 WoWScrnShot_011813_213041 WoWScrnShot_011813_213047 WoWScrnShot_011813_213141 WoWScrnShot_011813_214110

And to think, someone actually said I needed help with my Mog! 😉


P.s. We got the first two bosses down. And…No, I wasn’t the cause of any of the wipes! /firsttimeforeverything!


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I’ve two young children. Two beautiful little boys that I’m trying to warp raise up in the Good and Right Ways.

I’ve full assurance that they will grow into great and powerful Heroes of the Alliance.

One thing Mrs. Z has tasked me with is the nightly bath.  Apparently she doesn’t appreciate all of the splashing, peeing, and splashing that goes on.

We have toys they play with.

These are educational toys (and yes, I’m hoping at least one will be a hunter; thus the animal shaped letters).

C is for Tenacity Pet!

You can imagine the horror when I saw that cute little crab turned over in the tub.


Do You See What I See?!?!?!?!

Horde Indoctrination!

The Horde is Secretly Infiltrating My Children’s Lives!

Tyrande Whisperwind help us!!!!!


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