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I want a new title. I want:

“Helper Zwingli”

Now, the title I’m wearing “Farmer Zwingli” is highly appropriate.  I can honestly say that I spend most of my time farming up veggies, hunting up the meat, and making the Pandaren Treasure Noodle Carts.

Now, for those interested, there are purely mercenary reasons for doing this. The Frostwolves use an ELPEKGDLP…Some sort of thingy that allows raiders to gain points. Based upon their number of points they have access to special items AND they can use spend these point on LOOTZ!!!  One of the way you gain these points is by getting raid materials together, and the aforementioned carts are one of those items that we can turn in to gain points.

There’s only one problem…

I’m not a raider!

I’m sitting here with the most point of any person in the guild, and I’M NEVER GOING TO TURN THEM IN!!!

“What a waste of time,” you may say.

I think not.

You see, here’s the thing.  We all play for our own particular reasons.  Some play to raid. Some play to rp. Some play to socialize in /gchat.

I would guess that there are as many reasons to play WoW as there are players.

For me, it’s all about helping.

I’m not saying I’m being altruistic. It doesn’t mean that other’s aren’t helping.  It means that this is the way that I’ve found that I can add the greatest value to the guild that I can.  While I’m a solo player, I really want to be a help to my guild.

What do I get out of it?  I’m glad you asked.  I get my strokes from it.

1) It feels good.  Please understand, this is a pretty nice reward in and of itself. I feel like I’m adding something positive.

2) I get a kick out of Navi mentioning it in vent. I’ve asked about giving my points to other raiders, but she put the ka-bosh down on that idea quickly.

3)  It gives me a reason to log in, even if it is just for a few minutes to harvest my crops.

And, 4) if by some random chance RNGesus allows me to raid, get a normal Garrosh kill, and that beautiful BOA Bow drops (heck, I’d be happy with the Flex version)…I’m sooooooo spending all of my points on it!

Again, I think we all have our reasons why we play. For me, I want to help out my guildies as best as I can, given the play time I have.

What about you?  Why do you play?


P.s. Please send your prayers and kind thoughts my way. It’s only a month before I report to COT for my 5 week introduction *cough* to USAF life as a Chaplain.  I’m giving my 4 weeks notice at my job (yes that’s a thing), selling our house, trying to get into better shape (10min mile, here I come!) Things are winding down here at an atomic pace.  This will be the first time I’ve been separated from my family for any length of time. I just want everything to go as smoothly as possible.


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Well, my Ask Mr. Robot issues have been fixed!

Here, can you see what it is?!


What? No?

Oh yeah, I transmogged everything.

Well, go take a look at my armory.

I’ve got a new Pew Pew: a Death Lotus Crossbow!

It’s a named item, so it doesn’t have the issue that my previous one did.

I’ve been spending some quality time in LFR, getting through phase one of the Black Prince series of quests.

I doubt that it’s worth it; but I’m probably going to try and get one of those “Sha Touched” weapons as well.

Oh, the Joy that LFR can bring into one’s life!

Talking about LFR…

How horrible is it?!

Yes, it really is that bad.

I’ve been in more groups than I can count that get hung up on the Iron Juggernaut.

Now, funny thing happened yesterday.  I had to go into Terrace for the Sha of Fear quest…and had an amazing run!

I figured it was just because we were all overgeared for the instance. But, then I noticed that one of the tanks was a fellow Frostwolf!!!  It was Taloski, who is freakin awesome!

It was truly a great run. No wipes, no complaints, no ashatts.

For a minute I may have forgotten that it was an LFR run.

Hey, let’s count our blessings and pray for another!



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The God Mother of Alt:ernative blog fame brought up something that I’ve been doing my best to ignore.

The loss of the Hunter’s melee weapon(s) with the next patch.

When I started huntering in 2006, I was over joyed that we were able to dual-wield.  Since I’m somewhat of an RP snob, I didn’t want to carry anything but dual daggers.  I was quickly laughed at, and I learned that there were other things to consider than just looks.

But, carrying a big old nasty sword just didn’t look right!  Carrying a staff or polearm was even worse!

Doesn’t it make more sense for a woodsman, a hunter of beasts to carry something smaller?  Maybe a dagger, or hatchet?

That just makes sense to me.

Since I was a loner early on, I didn’t min/max at all.  I carried whatever I wanted to carry, who cares about what elite players think!

I had just gotten into running 5 mans during BC, when I had a /w invite to ShLabbs.  You remember that one don’t you?  If you were a hunter you certainately do.  That is the place where you found the polearm that was the soup-de-jour of BC pre-raid stat-sticks.  I was called in on the last two bosses, the only hunter…heck, the only class that could use it at that time…and it dropped!

Holy Crapton of Elune’s Tears!

Me, the Huntard of Record, the Master of Wipes, the King of the Greens had a Sonic Spear!!!

This is absolutely my favorite melee weapon for many reasons.  It was one of the first times I was actually “asked” to run an instance. I was with people who had gotten to know me in game, and valued me as a player.  It was my very first Instance-Blue item.

Here is one of the few pics (2) that I have of the Spear:

Matches My Hair!

When Wrath hit, dual wielding came back into vogue; at least for a little while.  At least for a little while, the best thing a hunter could carry were two Fangs of Truth.  Again, this met a dual wield need within me that hadn’t been satisfied since Vanilla WoW.

I don’t have a good picture of them. But, at least you can see they are equipped in this shot.  You see, this is when my gun broke and I ended up being the Melee Huntard they talk about late at night to keep the young hunters on the straight and narrow.
So, there you have it. My two favorite weapons were the Sonic Spear and the Fang of Truth.

I will truly miss the Hunter Melee Weapons.


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I like to play, which doesn’t leave much time for posting…not that many people actually read this. 🙂

However, with ToC/Argent Tourney, etc. there is new gear out and about. I’ve been pretty consistent on gemming with +ap gems (once hit capped), and most of my gear was from Naxx by the time Argent Tourney/ToC came out. Now, I’m thinking about gemming agility and crit instead.

One reason is that some BM hunters that I respect are doing it, and having great success. For instance, Tawyn (of “Aspect of the Hare” blog”) is an example. Also, regardless of my gear upgrades, my dps had plateaued at around 2500-2600. Lastly, the new gear seems to be loaded with +hit, so I can choose to gem my yellow slots with something different. Where I was sitting at 264 +hit over the past 3 months, now I’m well over the hit cap… and the upcoming gear looks to be even more so. So, I’ve decided to gem my yellow slots with +crit; and gem my reds with +agi. I raid as a BM most of the time, unless we are lacking in replenishment, in which case I go SV. Even as an SV, I’m only 100-200 more dps over my BM spec.

Here’s to hoping that we see marked improvement, and that I contribute more to the Raid’s success.

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I’ve always wanted to weild an epic bow.  I actually have one, but not before I found a better option.  For some reason, the better option has always been a Gun.  I want to use a Bow, but my Gun is always better.

When Wrath started I knew the gun I wanted to get.  It was the Nesingwary 4000.  Oh, it was a pretty piece of equipment, and even had a gem slot in it!  A yellow gem slot, just for us +hit deprived huntards!

I raided Naxx for quite a while.  I picked up a pair of shoulders, and one chest piece.  I was an alt, and I agreed to some very particular loot rules.  Only guild members were allowed to roll on Tier items, which left me out most of the time.  But, I was always on the look out for that bow or gun that might drop.

I collected emblems, boy did they add up.  I bought the Tier Chest and Head pieces.  I don’t feel bad about that, each emblem was well deserved.  I went through PuG, after PuG, after Heroic PuG.  If you’ve been there, then you know how painful that can be.  I ran Naxx often, often to the detriment of my next morning work duties at least one morning of the week.

Tier piece after Tier piece dropped, but no ranged weapon.  Eventually, all of the guild members had their Tier Set, which meant I could finish mine as well.

Then, one night it happened!  It was our second or third time on Kel’Thuzad, when it finally dropped.

There, sitting pristine next to the emblems was the Nerubian Conquerer!

I would say, “What a Beaut!” But, you know that I would be lying.  Practically everything that drops in Naxx is beyond ugly.

It was the upgrade I had been looking for The only other Hunter in the group refused to use guns, so there wasn’t even a need to roll.

What is the morale of this story?

Oh, nothing I guess.  You could say that “good things come to those that wait.”  Yes, that may be true.  Is there a such thing as WoW Karma?  Possibly.  I still look forward to seeing a bow drop that would be an actual upgrade in Ulduar, or the Tournament of Champions.  But, until then I’ll continue to go Pow Pow, instead of Pew Pew.

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