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Hello you beautiful people!

Here is an update on the happenings of “The Stuff.”

Stuff #1

Phase one of “Current Project” is almost complete.  I’m giving one more day of extended time for the “Stuff” that needs to happen, to happen.  Then, I’m taking care of my part of the “Stuff” that needs to happen for the final /SQUEEEEEEE to commence.

For those that have ears, let them hear. 😉

Stuff #2

The Eldest Nelfling is getting over the flu.  We are praying that it doesn’t spread to the Youngest Nelfling (nor myself or Mrs. Z).

Stuff #3

The Work Out regimen has been going well.  I need to be at 195 lbs by February 1.  I should make that with in plenty of time left to spare.

However, Nutrition is another issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what I’m doing.  “Knowing” is not the problem.  The problem is that: “Knowing” doesn’t always result in the action required.  In my case, I’m a weakling for sugar (chocolate!) and carbohydrates of any kind.  I’m overdoing it on the carbs, particularly.  I need to plan out my meals better, AND get off my duff and purchase the needed Food Stuff.  If I don’t have the needed Food Stuff, I eat accidentally…meaning: I eat whatever is staring at me from the fridge.

No, Z gets to take some initiative now.

Stuff #4




You’re Welcome!



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I’ve been inspired by Fannon, and his Dear Dwarfling.

Nelflings are so cute, especially for the first 18 months or so.

Sure, they eat, sleep, and poop the same as any other mortal baby. But, we all know that Nelfling pooh doesn’t stink. Unlike the Orclings! Oh my, by Elune’s Tears those babies can stink. Seriously, is there genetic problem or something?

I digress. Oh yes, Nelflings. They truly are angelic.

Did you know that they glow when they wake up in the morning? It’s true, they do. And they awaken smelling like spiced mulberry wine.

They are truly intoxicating.



At 18 months something happens. I call it the spark of Illidian.

To be honest, that may not be fair to Illidian.

They are beginning to walk. They are beginning to talk. They are beginning to experience this great big ole’ world we call, Teldrassil.

And then, it’s like they gain a sense of will, specifically as it comes into conflict with your’s as a parent.



You would think they would be more appreciative of our vast adult experience.


Alas, they do not.

It is as if they are already robed and ordained as a Priest of Elune. They can’t be wrong, they are oh-so-righteous, and I swear that their pooh begins to stink.


Oh, and there is no genie in the diaper-genie. Stinks to high heaven. I’m gonna skin that goblin the next time I see him.

/winces as he takes the trash out, holding it at arms length.


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