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I swear, I should start a blog by that name.


A blog of Tankadin Mediocrity and Unwillingness to Tank Current Content!

What do you think?  Could I get a following?

I’m not sure why, but I continue to do everything but tank on my lvl 85+ Paladins.

Lord, I have three of them! 

Caligan Effer

Caligan PhR

Khesed MG

You would think that I would have tried my hand at it by now.  But no, it hasn’t happened yet. I always figure out something to do.  I might do some pet battles. I might grind out some ore for blacksmithing.  I might decide to not try it, for fear of messing up and giving which ever guild tag I’m wearing a bad name.

One thing that stays the same, is that none of them make it into an instance.

I blame no one but myself.  I just need to go do it.


Where is that ore!


P.s. I should also add that I’m lazy. The idea of going through guides for ever stinking instance/raid/whatever is overwhelming to my huntard brain!


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Ok, so I’m sitting in Stormwind asking myself, “What shall we do with the Tankadin today?”

I’m talking about Caligan on the  Sentinel’s server.  He’s not even my well geared Caligan.  That is my Paladin on Azuremyst!

But, I wanted to show him a little bit of love.  He is sitting at an iLevel of 351 with his Tanking set on.  But, for some reason, he has an overall iLevel of 356.  Which I think is from a dps belt that I crafted.  I’m not really sure.

I look at my Acheesements, and notice I’m one Reputations away from having the 10 Exalted one.  So, a quick looksie, and I notice I’m really…REALLY close to Exalted with the Earthen Ring.

Now, also note that I ran one of my very first Heroics last night as a tank. It was Vortex Pinn, and we got stuck on the last boss.  But, overall it was a good run.

So… I decide to que for a Cataclysm Heroic…you know, one of the regular ones.  I’ve not done the ZuleRoic entry quests, and that is on purpose. I’ve no desire to tank those.

I knew that I could get into the HoTs due to my overall gear level.  But, I didn’t want to cheat the system.  I was still at only 351 iLevel.  Heck I’m still sporting some iLevel 333 gear, and a green 318 trinket!

I put aside my fear of tanking heroics and I que up for what I think are the regular Cataclysm Heroics.

Side not: Did you know that queing for “Cataclysm Heroics” INCLUDES the HoT Instance?!?!?!?!


I zone in to a group that just finished the first of three of the Shrines.

I tell them that I don’t think I should be there. I’ve only a 351 iLevel. But, they assure me that it will be ok.

Side note #2: Did I ever mention that the Black Dragon Shrine (featuring Baine) freaks me the crap out?!?!?!

Yes, we ended up there next!  The first time I was there with Zwingli, didn’t go so well. 😦

Well, we totally did it!!!  I kid you not. We were successful!

Yes, that is Baine down for the count. Also, did I mention that I got the Rep Acheesement?!


Next we head on over to the Bronze Shrine, and:

Oh. Yes. We .Did!!!!

Well, the healer must have been on something, because he asked if I wanted to go on into the next instance.

I was like, “Uh… Sure!”

So, we que up, get a group, mention that we’re both new at this and proceed to make it through the Wheel of Time instance without much difficulty.

Well, that is until the end of the instance.

Apparently, my huntering ways are buried deep within me.  I can’t seem to get Out Of The Fire!

But, that is ok because we got him down anyway!

I’m still a little jittery over the experience.  I didn’t expect to go into the HoT instances any time soon.  I especially didn’t expect to do it on this character.

But, it all worked out in the end.  The groups were understanding. No one gave up in the middle of a fight.

And my little bitty Paladin can feel like an accomplished Tank!

It’s been a good morning.  I hope that your day goes at least half as well as mine thus far!


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Plan on Taking Damage?

I’ve not been able to play much lately, but I have been able to play a little.  As such, I’ve been messing with some alts.

Tonight, I was running with a mid-level Belf Tankadin named Khesed, going through LFG like a fish through water. Picked up a group going through Zul Frak (or whatever the name of the troll ruins are outside of Gadgetzan).

Anyway, we were running through with little difficulty. No “gogogos,” or ashattery common to most pugs.  It was rather nice.  I was trying to use all of my cooldowns (at lvl 47), stuns, magic suppression, etc. You know, trying to be a good Belf Pally Tank.

I try to keep my gear and enchants up for the appropriate level.  Which ain’t easy, considering that I have ZERO high level toons on the server. I have no heirlooms, and the only gold I have comes from me working the AH.

The AH has been good to me, I must admit.

This has allowed me to keep a tank set of relatively good gear. It is made up of Dungeon/Quest Blues, and some bought/found Greens. I’ve also worn some crafted pieces.  I’ve gotten a pretty good mix (imo) of gear with good stamina, along with some dodge and parry. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t as good as heirlooms, but I’m trying.

My greatest fear is that of being “squishy” as a tank.  This leads to my one other conservative move, running with Seal of Insight active, instead of Seal of Truth.

So, my gear makeup combined  with my liberal use of cool downs and Seal usage lead to an interesting remark from the healer.

When the healer finally spoke up – she said,Khesed, are you planning on taking any damage?”

Was that a compliment?

My replay was, “Yes mam.”

At which point I immediately switched to Seal of Truth and increased the number of mobs I was pulling from 3-5 to 6-8.

Her next remark was, “Much better.”



You know… Anything to keep the healer happy!

What have you done to keep your healer happy today?!



P.s. If you happen to check out the armory; just know that I got two new pieces. I need to enchant the gloves.

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There is a lot going on right now in real life, and my WoWing has taken somewhat of a back seat for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t playing; I just wasn’t playing very much. Instead of playing my main(s), I was dinking around a little bit on alts.

There was one particular that I enjoyed. A low level hunter that I was working Arathi Basin with. That however, is another story.

After some time of reflection, I realized that I really wanted to tank. But…there always seems to be one, doesn’t there?… I never found myself logging onto my main tanking toon, Caligan. I just never would really do it; especially not to tank something.

Well, long story short (I promise to get back to that, I really do), I came upon the reason(s) I think I wasn’t taking and I asked for some help from my guildies (and a couple of other people I respect) for advice. I endeavored to start tanking one Cata-instance per day; and it was beginning to go along nicely…


I unintentionally deleted my toon, Caligan! 😦

I meant to delete a lvl  toon, right underneath him in the start screen.  But instead, I accidentally deleted him.

I was in utter shock. I didn’t rage. I didn’t weep. I promptly made a GM Ticket, saying what happened and begging for my toon to be restored.

Then, I told the one and only guildie on that night what happened; closed down WoW and went to bed, more than just a little depressed.

Well, I’ve not had time to get on today to see if he is back. I still have some work to do before the night is over. But, I plan on seeing if he is back later on this evening.

I’m also wondering if my scardi-tank side had me delete him from deep in my subconscious. 🙂

I might think more about that later.

Anyway, that is what’s been going on with me.

I hope you have a very Merry Xmas; and a wonderful WoW’s Winter’s Viel!


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Because Ratshag Rocks!

Ratter’s newest post: Friendly Fire is epic! I just had to share!

If you are a tank, you will especially love it.

Seriously, I loved it. I almost snorted Taco Bell out of my nose while reading it.  I especially identify with his view towards the mages Orb of Fiery Doom. What the Frack is That?!

Go there, GO THERE NOW!  It is pure awesome!


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You know, compliments just feel right.  Well, not all of the time. For some of us, compliments are unwanted attention. For others, it is the red hot brick of conviction due to our lack of actually deserving the compliment. But, for the normal everyday run of the mill scenario; a compliment is a glorious thing.

My Effin-Caligan is making is way along in the World (of Warcraft) just fine.  Here take a look at a more current picture:

I’ve become more willing to tank pugs as of late.  I like to think that I’m actually getting “better” at tanking, but a part of me wonders if it isn’t that Prot Paladins aren’t just really over powered.

Hey, I’m not complaining! It is just…I think we cleared at least one boss sans healer!

I’m just saying… >.>

Ok, back to compliments!  So, I’ve been running more pugs as a tanks lately. It seems that Wrath instances are zerg fests, so to break the monotony I’ve started to type a bit more in the /p channel (other than just heya).  I’ve still run into the “jerks,” the “gogogo(s),” and the “lolL2PlayNoob!”  Those guys are always fun.  Interesting, not much of it has been centered on me though. Again, either I’m getting better or my spec makes up for my failadin tendencies.

Today a few really nice things happened.  I was complimented about three times, over just as many instances. Also, right before I logged this afternoon I saw some white words splash across my screen.

You remember the “white words” don’t you?  Those are the things you find in the /s channel; which is then able to be seen by everyone in your close proximity!  That’s right, someone was speaking to me in /s and it wasn’t a guildy!

It was a mage of approximate level, and he said “hi” to me, and asked me how I was doing.  I was dumbfounded. Who was this guy? How does he know me, or at least think it is a good idea to pretend to know me.

I let out a “heya,” and asked how he was doing. We chatted for a little bit, but then I had to ask him where he knew me from.

Get this…

We had actually instanced together before. We had been thrown together in the LFD tool. He had such a good experience that he “friended” me and made a note about me being a good tank!

Look.  This is minor stuff. I get that. But, I’ve had serious confidence issues as a tank thus far. Hearing someone, even a random person, say that they remember you “because you did a good job” is heaven on earth to a person with a confidence deficit.

So, if you have a chance today…say something nice. Let it be to a random person who you really think is doing a good job. I’m not asking you to lie. I’m just asking you to communicate a little bit. Say something positive to a person.

Spread the love, baby!

When was the last time someone said something nice about you?


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Because Tanks R Fun

Baby Tank

Say hello to Caligan, my baby tankadin on Azuremist Server.

Granted, he’s not my first paladin. I have another level 85 Paladin, named Caligan on Sentinels Server. The difference is this: I’ve leveled Caligan@Azuremist almost exclusively as a Tank, using only the items he can get via questing and instancing.  Caligan@Sentinels was leveled using Heirloom Items and almost exclusively via questing.

I have to say, it is both fun and nerve wracking. As you know, I’m a hunter at heart. I’ve played a ranged class since 2006. I’ve definitely seen a learning curve. Ranged classes don’t have to worry about cleave, and other close in mob AoE. Also, as a hunter (in the days when we didn’t have much AoE to think of), if we broke CC it was because we were being stupid. As a Paladin Melee DPS and a Tank, it becomes incredibly easy to accidentally break CC.

It is especially nerve wracking to tank using the LFD tool. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve had the “go, go, go(s)” from both dps and healers. I would like to try and practice marking, using CC, and just strategy in general. But, so many people are in a hurry to zerg through the instance, that it becomes disheartening. One thing for sure, and I’ve read it on other tank blogs, going through that will make you a better tank. If you are a baby tankadin, read this for a good overall view.

My weakest part has been doing the research. As the instances get harder, tanks need to be aware of new boss mechanics. If you aren’t aware of something, it can wipe your group. We may need to interrupt a cast, gain threat back after an aggro wipe so the boss doesn’t nomnomnom the face of our healer. These things can either be learned the hard way, by wipe after infuriating wipe; or we can take some time out of game to read up on the instances. My problem is that I would rather play! I don’t want to take the time to go read up on an instance that I’ll only que into maybe 3-4 times, and then I’ll be leveled past it. (On a side note, that is why I’ve not posted much. I’ve been playing. 🙂 ) However, good (and bad) habits start early. If someone isn’t willing to do their research early on, it isn’t likely that they’ll be willing to do it later.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this. Eff the Ineffable(s) has been kind enough to take my alt in. They are a great group of people, a lot of fun, and are ready to include individuals who come their way. I’ve become somewhat burned out by the grind to gear up for raiding, and this has been a good release for me.

Ok, disclaimer (So Nymphy doesn’t pyroblast me into nonexistence) D/E the Tank! is not a “tank blog” perse. It is just that one of the co-authors is a raid tank, and gives good advice.

Ok, is there a point to this?

No, not really. However, if I want to make one up off the cuff: “Go try something different. It might be a little nerve wracking, but it can be well worth it in the end.”

What are you going to do differently?


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