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ZOMGOSH!!!! I just /w Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief!

I knew that she was on Navi’s server, so on an off chance I /who(ed) her.


Ok, I’m /fanboing all over the place.

Now, back to my secret mission!


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I have to admit.  I’m kind of proud of this.

I am nerdier than 91% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

It isn’t as good as some, but at least on par with others.

I’ll keep it!


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I don’t PuG very much anymore.  I know some people that hate, absolutely abhor it! And yes, it can be painful. You’re thrown together with people of differing experience in their class. Some are on alts, some are on mains.  Everyone had a different gear skill level, or at least it seems.

But, that isn’t why I don’t PuG very much anymore. I used to do it all the time. Just now though, I have limited play time.  I’ll be on at night for about 2-3 hours.  I only have enough time to run one instance, period.  So, I wait for most of my guildies to get on, and we make a group. Most of the time we don’t need to fill a spot. But, every now and then we do.

This is what happened a couple of nights ago.  We had to pug a healer, and we ended up getting a resto-druid named “Refresh…” something or other. I should have written down his name.  He was a great guy.  It was his first time in HVP, while the rest of us had been through it a couple of times.  He didn’t complain when we wiped (twice), and kept a great spirit throughout the whole situation.

Refresh, if you’re out there.  Thanks! Thanks for being a pleasant companion, in what can be a difficult instance.

Thank you.


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Thoughts on Cataclysm…

First, let me say that I’m not the type of guy to post two times in one day. But, since I’m dusting off the blog…

Secondly, not everything I write will be in RP(ish) kind of way. I wish I could be Ratshag, but I can’t.

So, I won’t. 🙂

And with that… I was reading over at Shy at WoW, and she pointed over to Pink Pigtail Inn; concerning the impression Cataclysm has had thus far.  These weren’t the most recent posts, but they got me thinking.

You see, I took a little time off from WoW before Cataclysm took off.  I missed the whole ramp up to it.  Granted, I missed for a good reason. We had another Baby Z show up.  I took some time off when the first hit, and also with the second.  It was well worth it.  But, I digress…

So, I came back on the day that Cataclysm hit.  The first thing I did was make a Worgen Druid, and go through every quest, until Astranaar.  Going through a ruined Auberdine made me yearn to play my main, so I blew the dust off of Zwingli, and began the leveling process.

Thus far, I’ve taken my three level 80s, and now have them to level 85.  And, my baby worgieporgie drood, is at level 41.

Here are my thoughts about Cata…

It is freakin’ beautiful.  Seriously, stunningly amazing.  I need a better computer so that I won’t have to have my graphics turned down so low all of the time.  But, at times I turn the graphic interface up as high as it can go, sit on my Cenarion War Hippogryph high up above, and enjoy the view.  Again, the designers did a stand up job.

I’ve enjoyed the questlines…mostly.  A few other bloggers noticed the lack of choice.  I’ve felt the same thing. It seems that quests don’t open up unless you do practically all of the quests in an area.  It isn’t totally true.  You don’t have to do the “kill all the baby eels” quests, per se; but you get the point.  Overall, I still give the developers an A+.  You guys did a great job.

I’ve totally enjoyed the storyline!  Being able to meet so many epic characters, especially in Hyjal, has been a blast!

Ok, Crafting has got me depressed!  Seriously, those stupid orbs at the end of heroics do not need to be BoP!  At least, give us a way to purchase them…say for 5000 justice points or something?!  Also, it was depressing to learn a new crafting piece, just to see it gray out as soon as I learned it!  That happened multiple times to me (Zwing is a leather worker).  I feel that if it takes a skill level of 500 to learn it, it should be good for at least 10 points or so before it grays out.

I like the harder version of Instances. I like the need to CC in Instances. I’m liking everything about them.  This past nerf to Vortex has made me a little sad.  I expected the dragon to be hard…and it wasn’t.

My last negative comment is actually about something that happened back in Wrath.  It was the Auto-Random LFG.  Look, as a DPS I appreciate an application that can put me with a bunch of other puggers from accross servers.  At the most, I wait about 20-30 minutes in LFG.  Back in BC, I was waiting literally hours at times.  It was really bad if I wanted to run just one particular Instance, like looking for the coveted Sonic Spear.

But, it has made pugging somewhat impersonal.  If not for the old style pugging, I never would have met anyone from Phoenix Rising.  This led to my eventual introduction to raiding.  This led further to the introduction of my Imperial Guard guildmates to PHR folks; which led to some great relationships!  We are all stronger for that.  But now, you just can’t find that.  Building relationships on the server seems to have become harder, imo.

What do you think?  What are your thoughts on Cataclysm thus far?


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A New Day…

Zwingli pushed his way through square in Dalaran.  To say the place is crowded is an understatement.  So many people, so many races, it was just amazing.  His journey from Auberdine was more than interesting, to some extent he still couldn’t believe his adventures thus far.  As one gnome put it, it was truly “mind blowing.”

Come to think of it, he really wasn’t sure if the gnome was referring to their conversation, or his next invention. *shudder*

Zwingli makes his way to the teleportation crystal, and gently touches it.  He feels smooth surface, and the gentle pulse of power as he is transported to the surface of Christalsong Forest.  He then reaches out his mind and feels the familiar presence.

“Come to me, Fade.  Your friend calls,” he says to the presence.

After a moment, he feels a gentle purr in his mind, and he knows his animal companion won’t be long.  Fade was a huge white cat from Wintersprings.  They have been traveling together for many years now, always together, watching each others back.  Zwingli felt so fortunate to have been accepted as a friend by Fade.  Some would say that Zwingli is his master, but he knew better.  Truth be told, Fade had just as much of a claim on him as Zwingli did upon the feline.

Zwingli noticed Fade running toward him at an easy romp.  “Come my friend!  I need some leather and fur.  I need your fangs and claw to assist. *smile*  I promise that you’ll have plenty of meat for your ravenous appetite.”  Fade purred, and brushed up against Zwingli affectionately.

Next, he sniffed the wind, perked up his ears, and sat out for the hunt.

“The city is nice,” Zwingli thought to himself. “But, the forest is better,” Zwingli thought with a note of contentment.

((For those interested, I have 2 lvl 80s on Sentinels Server (RP), and this particular Zwingli ^^ is a lvl 80 on The Venture Co. Server (RP/PvP).))

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I like to play, which doesn’t leave much time for posting…not that many people actually read this. 🙂

However, with ToC/Argent Tourney, etc. there is new gear out and about. I’ve been pretty consistent on gemming with +ap gems (once hit capped), and most of my gear was from Naxx by the time Argent Tourney/ToC came out. Now, I’m thinking about gemming agility and crit instead.

One reason is that some BM hunters that I respect are doing it, and having great success. For instance, Tawyn (of “Aspect of the Hare” blog”) is an example. Also, regardless of my gear upgrades, my dps had plateaued at around 2500-2600. Lastly, the new gear seems to be loaded with +hit, so I can choose to gem my yellow slots with something different. Where I was sitting at 264 +hit over the past 3 months, now I’m well over the hit cap… and the upcoming gear looks to be even more so. So, I’ve decided to gem my yellow slots with +crit; and gem my reds with +agi. I raid as a BM most of the time, unless we are lacking in replenishment, in which case I go SV. Even as an SV, I’m only 100-200 more dps over my BM spec.

Here’s to hoping that we see marked improvement, and that I contribute more to the Raid’s success.

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Iron Council WoW Webstats




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I remember when I met Darion.  We were both being trained in Teldrassil with the blade and bow.  I never did understand what he was doing there.  But, there he was…a human advancing his training with the rest of us at Shadowglen.

We ended up hunting together for quite some time, even making it so far as Darnassus.  We immediately found Ilenia Moonfire, the weapon’s trainer.  He had a great desire to use the bow, and I was interested in learning to use something other than my dagger if things got a little close.  Ilenia Moonfire often paired us together as we worked on our respective choice of weapons.  At times I thought she just wanted us to teach each other instead of bothering her!

So, there we were, teaching each other what we knew the other didn’t know.  I taught about the bow, and he taught me about the blade.  We laughed, had good natured competition, utterly enjoyed ourselves.

One day Ilenia Moonfire called us in to speak of our training.  She smiled upon us, proud of our engagement, and willingness to help the other.  She asked, “Zwingli, how would you describe your blade work?”

I thought about it for a minute.  “Well,” I said.  “The art of the Blade is beauty combined with discipline. Very similar to the Bow in my estimation.”

Ilenia Moonfire looked upon me with more than just a little surprise.  “You would compare blade work to that of the Marksman?  Hacking and slashing to the precision and concentration required to wield one of these great weapons?” as she hefted her bow in her hand.

“I…well, um.  Err… Ilenia I’m sorry if I offend, it just seems that…” I sputtered.

“Enough Zwingli, I see you still have much training in your chosen vocation.  Back to the target-bales with you!”

Dejected, I looked solomnly to the groud.  But, for some reason I just had to glance over at Darion.  His own head was downcast, not willing to look at the miffed instructor.  But, at that moment he looked at me.  He smiled, nodded his head, and mouthed the words, “I get it.”

On that day I knew I had found a friendship that would last well beyond the boughs and shadows of Teldrassil.

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I finally made it!

Level 80

Level 80

I think it is ironic that I made lvl 80 by fulfilling the whole Har’koa quest line.

The Spirit Beast, Loque’nahak,  is supposed to be the “mate of Har’koa.”  It was almost like he allowed me to tame him, just so I could use him to help his goddess wife out.


In other news, I have named my Spirit Beast pet: “RuAhk.”  It is a version of the Hebrew word for spirit: “Ru’Ahh.”

Be well, and hunt wisely.


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