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It took me a few years, but I finally got the “Elder” title.



I was inspired by many of the other bloggers of late.  Many have attained different achievements for various things.  I decided to take a look at how far along I was.  It took a bit of flying, but I’m glad I did it.

Now, my dirty little secret is this:

I didn’t do it for the title, or even the accomplishment.

I did it for the pet the Lantern!

Lunar Lantern

You see, I was busy finding the Elders for the coins to purchase it.  That was when, coupled with the achievements of others I’ve been reading, I decided to look at how far along I was.

I’m glad I did.  It is nice to finally have it done.

I also was able to get some Pet Battle Achievements as well.

WoWScrnShot_013013_100617 WoWScrnShot_013013_000054 WoWScrnShot_012913_230132 WoWScrnShot_012913_222747 WoWScrnShot_012913_221754 WoWScrnShot_012913_155947 WoWScrnShot_013013_082403 WoWScrnShot_013013_084015

I’m beginning to understand how achievement hunting can get addicting.




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What can I say, I really like this part of the game.

Just Tillin' The Fields!

Just Tillin’ The Fields!

I can’t say “why” I like it so much, I just do. I find myself wishing I could get more plots to farm.  Maybe set up a little farm in Darnassus.  You know, some place to retire to.

Of course, I’m still loving the Pet Battles!

Got him!

Got him!

So, this is where my WoW life has gotten me.  I’m farming digital plants, and running after digital pets.

I can live with that! 😉


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Ok, so I’m sitting in Stormwind asking myself, “What shall we do with the Tankadin today?”

I’m talking about Caligan on the  Sentinel’s server.  He’s not even my well geared Caligan.  That is my Paladin on Azuremyst!

But, I wanted to show him a little bit of love.  He is sitting at an iLevel of 351 with his Tanking set on.  But, for some reason, he has an overall iLevel of 356.  Which I think is from a dps belt that I crafted.  I’m not really sure.

I look at my Acheesements, and notice I’m one Reputations away from having the 10 Exalted one.  So, a quick looksie, and I notice I’m really…REALLY close to Exalted with the Earthen Ring.

Now, also note that I ran one of my very first Heroics last night as a tank. It was Vortex Pinn, and we got stuck on the last boss.  But, overall it was a good run.

So… I decide to que for a Cataclysm Heroic…you know, one of the regular ones.  I’ve not done the ZuleRoic entry quests, and that is on purpose. I’ve no desire to tank those.

I knew that I could get into the HoTs due to my overall gear level.  But, I didn’t want to cheat the system.  I was still at only 351 iLevel.  Heck I’m still sporting some iLevel 333 gear, and a green 318 trinket!

I put aside my fear of tanking heroics and I que up for what I think are the regular Cataclysm Heroics.

Side not: Did you know that queing for “Cataclysm Heroics” INCLUDES the HoT Instance?!?!?!?!


I zone in to a group that just finished the first of three of the Shrines.

I tell them that I don’t think I should be there. I’ve only a 351 iLevel. But, they assure me that it will be ok.

Side note #2: Did I ever mention that the Black Dragon Shrine (featuring Baine) freaks me the crap out?!?!?!

Yes, we ended up there next!  The first time I was there with Zwingli, didn’t go so well. 😦

Well, we totally did it!!!  I kid you not. We were successful!

Yes, that is Baine down for the count. Also, did I mention that I got the Rep Acheesement?!


Next we head on over to the Bronze Shrine, and:

Oh. Yes. We .Did!!!!

Well, the healer must have been on something, because he asked if I wanted to go on into the next instance.

I was like, “Uh… Sure!”

So, we que up, get a group, mention that we’re both new at this and proceed to make it through the Wheel of Time instance without much difficulty.

Well, that is until the end of the instance.

Apparently, my huntering ways are buried deep within me.  I can’t seem to get Out Of The Fire!

But, that is ok because we got him down anyway!

I’m still a little jittery over the experience.  I didn’t expect to go into the HoT instances any time soon.  I especially didn’t expect to do it on this character.

But, it all worked out in the end.  The groups were understanding. No one gave up in the middle of a fight.

And my little bitty Paladin can feel like an accomplished Tank!

It’s been a good morning.  I hope that your day goes at least half as well as mine thus far!


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