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This is my recommendations leter to Lisa Poisso of WoW Insider. It is in regards to the request of recommendations for their 15 Minutes of Fame spot.

Tell me what you think of my recommendations!


Dear Lisa,

I tweeted you some recommendations for the 15 Minutes of Fame request from WoWInsider.

“@LisaPoisso I would like to nominate @NavimieDruid, @ancient8, @AlternativeChat, and @Orvillius/@Nymphmage for the 15 minute Famethingy. :)”

Let me expound upon why I love these people.

First, Navimie of the blog Frostwolf-Druid Edition (@NavimieDruid). I believe that her “NaviSpams” were one of the greatest things that happened during the end of the last expansion.  She made the WoW Community real to me.  She brought the bloggers to life for me.  Her quitesential niavite, always being the “star struck” one when meeting new people is endearing.  She really is the star here. She shines the light of her blog upon other bloggers, bringing them visibility and honor!  She brings them attention, page hits, and has substantially increased my WoW eReader time.

In a way, her act has actually expanded the Awareness of the WoW Community.
Tome of the Ancients (@ancient8) is a constant source of encouragement to other bloggers.  She is the one behind the curtain bringing people together. For instance, I found out about Navimie throught TotA. She truly is the hidden connector and natural encourager, imo.

The God Mother (@AlternativeChat) has become on of my “go-to” blogs to read about WoW.  I rank her up there with Big Red Kitty, Ratshag, Big Bear Butt, and Aspect of the Hare.  First, her writing is always way above grade! She is exceptional.  Secondly, she is always writing
preemptively about something that people are interested in.  She is also very kind and genuinely interactive on twitter.

I’m putting the couple @Orvillius/@Nymphmage together for a nomination.  They are the current leaders of the guild, “Eff the Ineffible.”  The guild started as a place where fellow bloggers could get together and raid/play wow.  Even when they weren’t the leaders, they were leading behind the scense.  You see, I was getting burned out on WoW after Wrath; and was just coasting through Cata.  I needed a place to be without expectations (my old guild wanted me to raid, but I just couldn’t do it).  Eff the Ineffible, and especially Nymphy and Orv took me and gave me the space within the guild to just exist. Even Though I Wasn’t a Raider, Orv would craft me high level gear as if I was going to show up that night!  In short, they treated me as one of the family.  I wasn’t the only misfit they gave a place to… there were at least three of us who just couldn’t find any other place to fit; that found that place alongside Orv and Nymphy.

I didn’t tweet about him, but I want to add JD Kenada of Amateur Azerothian to my list of recommendations. Where Navimie brings people together, he gives everyone something to do!  I know other folks are part of them…but when I think of Laid Back Raids and 2012 Mog Olympics; JD is the person I think of. Where Navi makes us aware of each other, JD brings us together for a soda and fries. You know, something fun to get us together and enjoy each other’s company.

Where Navi shines the light upon the WoW Community; JD gives flesh to it’s existance.

Well, thank for your time.  I hope that you have a great day.  Slay many internet dragons, and may Epix fall like glorious rain!

<realname redacted>
aka – Zwingli of Zwingli’s Blog 😉


<edited b/c i typo 2 much!>

You know, now that I’ve re-read it… I wish I could go back and edit it again and add stuff to Ms. Poisso. More things about the God Mother and TotA in particular.  I could have fleshed those out more in the email.  Oh My Gosh! I also see where I mispelled some words!  Call Me Durpy!



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