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I just took down Lil’ Oondasta after three tries, using three different teams. Lil’ Oondasta is the Battle Pet that Little Tommy Newcomer busts out on you when you take his daily quest.

Here is what I ended up beating him with:


I’m not saying this will work every time, just that it worked for me this time. 🙂

Here is what I did.

I started out with the Zepplin. I dropped a Decoy, which allowed two things. It blocked two of his attacks and allowed me to pummel him with Missles. He ended up taking the Zepplin out after about 4-5 turns, allowing it to come back to life for one final turn. I then used the Explode ability to knock Lil’ Oondasta down to about 1,200 health points.

Next up was Clockwork. I built a turret, and then proceeded to just pound on him with the Metal Fist. That lasted two to three rounds, at which time Lil’ Oondasta used his ability to swap out my remaining pet.

Remaining health was right above 800 health points.

Finally, my PWD was brought out (earlier than I had planned, to be honest). I immediately used the Screeching Gears ability, which not only does damage (around 300 or so), but also has a 25% chance to stun. Lil’ Oondasta got stunned, which then allowed my PWD to use his Supercharge ability followed by his Metal Fist attack.

That ended up taking took Lil’ Oondasta out.

I’m not sure if that last stun was essential to the success of this team, but it sure didn’t hurt!

So, there you have it!

I hope this is somewhat helpful for those out there that are looking for a way to beat the little monster. 🙂



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A picture worth a thousand words.  In this case, it’s worth numerous days of camping Felwood across three different servers as well.

Place: Felwood

Server: Sentinels

Time of Day: 3:40pm CST

# Spawned/Quality: 1 of Poor Quality


For those of you still camping this pet.  You can do it!  One will spawn for you!

May you be blessed with one soon…


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