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I’m puttering around on my Horde Toon, Belf Zwingli.  I’m coming up into Thunder Bluff, via the lift.

What do I see, but a lvl 76 Tauren Druid in Stag Form!

What a thing of power!  What a thing of beauty!  What a majestic specimen of Tauren druidic awesomeness!

So, when he spontaneously sends a group invite to me, what can I do?

When the Bromance calls, you answer.

So, we group up; and he asks if I want an achievement.


So, at this point I”m thinking; “This guy wants to jump off the rise carrying someone.  I’m gonna die!”

What I say is, “I’m gonna die, aren’t I? Which one?

Sure enough, he links the [Going Down] achievement.

So, I get on the stag…

He takes a flying leap…


WoWScrnShot_011013_220015I swear, I’m a Prophet!




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