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I’m never first to the table, so I’m sure you’ve already heard.  I first heard it on Be Mop.  You can also find an article at the WoW Insider.

Colleen Lackowicz is a is running for a State Senate spot in Maine.  However, the Republican Party ran an attack emphasizing that she is a WoW Player!  No, I’m not linking the attack

Ok, she is a RogueDoes anyone like Rogues?  She should have rolled a Hunter!

Anyway, I find this whole thing really sticking in my craw.

For full disclosure, I’m a Texan. I tend to vote Republican.

Does that shock anyone?

What the Main Republican party is doing is surreal!  I just don’t get it.

I would hate to be attacked based on my WoW playing.  Can you imagine the “Huntard” jokes playing the airwaves?  How many times have any of us said something in jest, that someone else will spin into something it wasn’t?

What about our WoW specific language?  As one person already pointed out “Progressive” in WoW means something different than in our polarized political climate.

In my gut, I feel that the Main Republican Party is wrong in what they are doing.

Can I just be honest and say, contemporary politics are getting more and more absurd?

I wonder if they ever met Stephen Gillett. He is in leadership at Best Buy, and had been the CIO of Starbucks.  Apparantly, playing WoW has been a plus for him!

And finally, I want to leave you with this Colbert Video of Jane McGonigal.  She also believes that gaming has positive effects in the real world.

WordPress doesn’t allow the video to be viewed in the blog, so you have to just click the link and see it on the Colbert website.

Here are Colleen Lachowics social/websites.

Main Website:  www.colleenlachowicz.com and Facebook

I’ve been unable to find a paypal button to give to her campaign.

If someone figures out where to send a check, please let me know.


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