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Ok, so we all know that I gave Matty a Pengu pet.

Well, guess what was waiting in my mailbox!  Two redemption codes!

Meet  the two newest additions to my pet family!




Thank You Matty!




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YOU’VE Not Heard of CINIZA?!

What? Well… No. Should I? You know that I’m kind of shy…

Well, she’s just the bestest, greatest, most facemelting of mages around! Surely you’ve heard of Ciniza?!

Are you sure about this?  How do I find her? Any advice in meeting her?

Yes! You must bring a gift! She is the Heroic Slayer of Dragons, Queen of the Raid, bearer of the great Inscribed Serpent Staff!


Ok. But, what would be appropriate?

I happen to have a friend, who knows someone that was a the roommate of her close friend’s second cousin three times removed. She said, that Matoaka said, that she was looking for Otters. Not just any otter, but a Rare Sifang Otter!

You know, the kind that don’t have the characteristic gap in their gnash-gnash-gnashy teeth.

Oh! I think I have one of those… Let me check.

He rummages around in the back room. There is much squeaking, squawking, growling, and other random noises.

Ok, here it is! Turns out I have three of them; and they each are one of the Rare Sifang Otters with the absence of the characteristic gap in their gnash-gnash-gnashy teeth!

His friend /nods in appreciation.

That will do nicely. I suggest you send it to her first. That way she won’t be tempted to blast you into little Night Elf Bits when you first approach her to make her acquaintance.


Will do. That is a good idea.

As his friend leaves, Zwingli begins to look around for an adequate shipping container. He knew the head of the shipping company as well as the flight master, so he knew the Otter would be taken care of.

There it is!

It was just right. Holes in it for breathing, magicked so the Otter wouldn’t feel any discomfort if the griffon ride was a little bumpy.

Yes, this will work perfectly.

/nods in approval.

He grabs the largest Otter.

She’ll like this one. He’s a strong one. Fitting for a mage of her power.

He begins by placing the Otter in the box, tail first.

The Otter begins to squirm a bit. Then he stiffens his tail, so as to make it nigh impossible to get him to fit!

Ok, maybe the larger one wasn’t the best of ideas.

He looks to the smallest one in his care. Swimming around his little pool, not a care in the world.

She doesn’t have to know it was the smallest. I mean, it’s still a Rare find.

He grabs the small one, and gently begins to place it in the box.

It begins to squirm, then thrash it’s tail. He wiggles free, out of Zwingli’s grasp, water flinging everywhere.

Wait! Whoa! Come back here you slippery little devil!

He picks it up again, and slowly…with a firm grip…places it gently in the box.

At which point, it prompt bites him with it’s characteristically gapped gnash-gnash-gnashy teeth!

Glint, the Metallic Kitty

He looks hungry…

OUCH! By Cenarius’ Beard! I’M GOING TO FEED YOU TO GLINT! You slippery, furry, little, weaselly butt-nugget! 

Having dropped the Otter to the floor, it promptly jumped back into it’s pool…suspiciously sticking it tongue out at Zwingli as it ducked under the water.

At which point, Pengu catches Zwingli’s eye.

It may not be an Rare Sifang Otter, but at least it’s unique!

Pengu didn’t know what hit him. One minute he was asleep in his nest; the next moment he was taped up in a box, strapped to the back of a griffon.


It was great fun to meet with Matty. Just kind of a random thing, and I happen to have an extra Pengu on me.  Of course, it took me 20 minutes to figure out that the Sifang Otter wasn’t tradeable!



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