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Hello you beautiful people!

Here is an update on the happenings of “The Stuff.”

Stuff #1

Phase one of “Current Project” is almost complete.  I’m giving one more day of extended time for the “Stuff” that needs to happen, to happen.  Then, I’m taking care of my part of the “Stuff” that needs to happen for the final /SQUEEEEEEE to commence.

For those that have ears, let them hear. 😉

Stuff #2

The Eldest Nelfling is getting over the flu.  We are praying that it doesn’t spread to the Youngest Nelfling (nor myself or Mrs. Z).

Stuff #3

The Work Out regimen has been going well.  I need to be at 195 lbs by February 1.  I should make that with in plenty of time left to spare.

However, Nutrition is another issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what I’m doing.  “Knowing” is not the problem.  The problem is that: “Knowing” doesn’t always result in the action required.  In my case, I’m a weakling for sugar (chocolate!) and carbohydrates of any kind.  I’m overdoing it on the carbs, particularly.  I need to plan out my meals better, AND get off my duff and purchase the needed Food Stuff.  If I don’t have the needed Food Stuff, I eat accidentally…meaning: I eat whatever is staring at me from the fridge.

No, Z gets to take some initiative now.

Stuff #4




You’re Welcome!




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Day 2 Work Out

Did my cardio and abs work out this morning.

You know, I’ve never been a fan of cardio. It really isn’t any fun. I like the BFL work out because it is only 20 minutes long.

I can do that!

Now, if I can only figure out how to hook up a wifi connection at the gym so I can play WoW at the same time!


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Today I begin some things…

Well, at least I begin one thing in particular:  I begin my 2013 goal of Living a Healthier Life.

I’m going to begin by using the Body for Life work-out routine, and eating regimen.

I was blessed with a gym membership by some family members, which couldn’t have come at a better time.

You see, I need to get into shape as part of my goal to enter into the Air Force.  Since I’ve been released from my physical therapy (I had sprained my ankle and popped my knee), it is now up to me to get it done.  While I have the capability of working out at home, I really enjoy going to a gym.

I also took some “before” pictures…  (No, you aren’t going to see those.  At least, not unless there has been a dramatic change some time in the near future!)


I’m skinny and plump in all the wrong places.

Ok, so why the BFL routine?

I’ve actually used it before but, I didn’t finish my goal.  At that time, I had a goal of doing it for 12 weeks.  I think I had some other goals in the midst of it; like a certain weight and body fat %.  But, I don’t remember those in particular.

I do remember this though: I went from 25% body fat to 15% in about 7 weeks of doing it.  I remember loosing 12lbs of fat, and replacing it with about 7lbs of muscle.  I remember dropping down to around 185lbs, and getting back into a 32″ pants (I had been at 36″).

Now, I’m sitting at 204lbs, 37-38″ waste and feeling Blah.  I’m not very energetic, which isn’t good being the dad of two very active young children.

I’m so tired of that!  So, here are my physical goals:

  1. FINISH THE FULL 12 WEEKS OF EATING AND WORKING OUT!!! That is my top priority.
  2. Get back to 15% body fat.
  3. Be able to run 1.5 miles (without quitting), under 14 minutes. (USAF specific)
  4. Do 27 push-ups within 1 minute. (USAF specific)
  5. Do 39 sit-ups within 1 minute. (USAF specific)

There you have it! Zwingli’s first goal of 2013 spelled out.  I’m sure I’ll come up with some more.  The trick is getting them done, no?

Do you have some goals (in-game or real life)?  

If so, let me know what they are. I want to cheer you on!



Post work-out update.  It turns out that things weren’t as bad as I feared.

Per the trainer and scale at 24 Hr Fitness: I weigh 202lbs, and I’m at 27% body fat.

At least we have a baseline!

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