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Say hello to my little green friend!


Big, Green, Gelatinous!

Big, Green, Gelatinous!


Get them now, while the getting is good!



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I saw this in my reader, via Marks365.




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I don’t think I’m going to make my 50,000 words during this month of November.

It seems, that though there is a part of me that thinks writing 50,000 words is a worthy goal, a significant part of me longs for something else.

You see, there are many reasons that people roll a Hunter.  It could be said that many (not all) people will end up rolling a hunter sooner or later, believing that it is a simple class to play.

No argument there.  I’ve often found the Hunter class easy to play, but hard to master.

But, there are some of us that are Hunters because the class bets fits who we are.

Do we play other classes?


But, we always come back to the Hunter as our main.

That is me.

I’m a Hunter because that is where my heart is.

I’m a Beast Mastery Hunter because I dearly love the Combat Pets.

Look who I found wandering around the Vale!

I must give much link love to WoW Rare Spawns!

Euphyley makes it all possible!

Oh, and I’m still obsessing over Battle Pets.

Totally loving the new patch!


P.s. Why yes, I did get a hair cut!  Thanks for noticing.  😉

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Zwingli knew what he had to do, but boy did he not want to do it!

“A servant? Me?” He huffed in aggravation.

“Sure, I’m willing to learn. But, I want to be treated as an equal! Really, what would my family say if they found out?!”

He shook his head in disgust.  But then, he felt it.

He didn’t understand it, but he knew it to be true.

If he was ever to lead anything or anyone, he had to understand what it means to serve.

If he wants to truly understand what makes the connection with the land an animals of Mulgore so strong among the Taurens, then he has sink himself deep into their culture.   Maybe Cairne was right, he “needed to become one of them.


Zwingli looks down at his new animal companion, Nephma.  “What do you think?  You’re supposed to be some super spiritual two world walking kitty.  Do you have any advice for me?”

Of course Nephma said nothing.

Zwingli slowly made his way from the Spirit Rise, to the Lower Rise.  He then made his way up through the central totem until he came to the High Rise.

Across the way, he could see the Tauren High Chieftain, Baine Bloodhoof, presiding over his people.

As Zwingli walked up to him, Baine looked upon him with knowing eyes.

“Well met, Blood Elf.  Be welcomed among us. All of the Horde are welcome to Thunder Bluff.  What is your need?”

Zwingli looked upon him for just a moment, not knowing what to say.

Defiance rose up within him, while at the same time a longing for a home he never was able to really have.

A desire to be understood was there, yet the feeling of lostness and aimlessness was present as well.

Not knowing why, Zwingli just started to sob, not quite able to hold himself up. As he fell, a huge Tauren arm reached out to catch him.

It was Baine.

“I had a dream that you would be coming our way little one.  My father said that you needed a home, a place to find yourself and the destiny our great Earthmother has for you. ” Baine looked into Zwingli’s eyes, as the young Blood Elf looked up.

“Zwingli, you shall be one of us. Not everyone will understand, and to be honest I don’t know either. But today, you shall begin the Great Hunt. Find yourself here, little one.  You have found your home.”

At this, Baine lifted Zwingli up to where he could stand on his own.

Zwingli’s only reply was to:

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If you’re a Hunter from “back in the day,” then you’ve heard of Big Red Kitty.

He’s the granddaddy of WoW Hunters.  He was Huntering when Huntering wasn’t cool. When people would say, “LoLhunter,” he was rockin’ and sockin’ the dps meeter.

All this to say, when Daddy BRK speaks: Hunters should listen.


Big Red Kitty says a little bit about Mists of Pandaria.

Check it out.


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