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USAF Update 3

Air Force Wings

For those of you breathlessly following my journey into the USAF…

Here’s another update.

I’m afraid you may be underwhelmed!

I’ve not done very well on my overall workout regimen.  I start out the week strong, but usually derping it through by the end of the week.  The scale hasn’t moved very much, but it has moved a little.  Thankfully in the right direction (Down!).  I’ve gained a little bit of muscle mass, which I’m grateful for.

This is my Worried Face.

This is my Worried Face.

I am worried about something though.  My regimen is good for loosing weight and body transformation.  But, I’m not sure that it is good for gaining the strength I need to do my required sit-ups and push-ups.  One reason I love it is because it has a 20 minute, high intensity cardio workout.  This is also great for burning calories; but I really need endurance.  Specifically, I need running endurance.  Sure, I’ve been using the elliptical, but that isn’t exactly the same thing.  So, I’m considering modifying my workout to compensate for these perceived shortcomings.

I believe that my main problem has been self-motivation.  So, I’m doing a few things to help in that direction.

First of all, I made an appointment to be “officially” weighed by a trainer this coming Friday.  Not only will he weigh me, but will check my body fat% and my waist inches.  Remember, I need to be 195 lbs or less, and a 37 inch (or less) waist to get in.  There is nothing like a “Due Date” to kick things into gear.  I’ve noticed that this was the first time in the process when I didn’t have a “hard date” by which to get things done.  It was more along the lines of, “The Board meets sometime in Feb or March. You’ll have to be in shape by then.”

Again, no hard date to be done by.  So, I’m adding my own artificial dead lines.

Secondly, I’m putting up physical reminders of “why” I’m going through this process.  That mostly looks like Notes written to myself in places I’m sure to see them.  They articulate the individual, motivational reasons that I’m on this journey.  I also take time to reflect upon “why” I’m doing it.  Setting some time aside to intentionally remember, not just be intermittently reminded, as to the “why.”

These include:

  • A sense of doing what I am created to do.
  • Expanded life opportunities for my family.
  • Better monetary compensation.
  • Well defined Promotion/Advancement structure.
  • Structure that my personality works well under.
  • “The Want” – I have a deep seated desire to do it.
Determined Face

Determined Face

Ok, that’s about it.  Time to go work out.



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