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unForgiven (nsfw)

*As he tromped along, you could hear him mutter under his breath*

“Dumb bastard.”

*a few minutes pass by*

“Sorry son of a bitch”

*a few more minutes pass by*

“All for what?”

*more silence*

“Dumb bastard.”

*He places one foot, violently in front of the other*

“What were you saving? Prestige? Family honor?”

*He spits onto the side of the path as he marches a long*

“Sorry son of a bitch.”


*His jaw tensed as his fists clenched. His nails bit into his flesh*

He could see his newborn be taken by the Naru.

Dematerializing they called it.

To him, it just looked like his child was torn apart molecule by molecule into a column of light.

And, he agreed to it!

*He choked back his sobs*

“Dumb bastard.”

*continuing to march forward*

“Sorry son of a bitch.”

*He began to weep angry tears as he continued to march along*

Clenching his sword and shield. What he needed was a fight. Maybe, if he was lucky, he would die and meet up with his child somewhere out there in the nether.

Or wherever that damnable light went.

All Khesed could do was march forward, not looking back, green eyes set as flint.

“Dumb bastard.” *He muttered one last time.*


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I’m going to take a moment, and just “be” with you.

I’ve spent the day with my wife and kids. We went on a “poor mans safari” at our local Cabela’s.

While there were points where I wanted to strangle the little rascals, I’m really happy that we spent this time together. I hung out with my wife and kids. Life just doesn’t get any better.

I’m also horribly aware that there are some who’ve recently lost the opportunity to hang out with their kid(s) or parent.

I have nothing of value to say when it comes to the Connecticut School shooting. I have no answers to the tough questions.

The worse question of all is, “why.”  I’ve no answer for that one in particular.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve a Master’s Degree in all the right answers to the tough questions.  But, I’ve learned something about tragedy over the past 15 or so years.

There never is an answer good enough…regardless of the question.  It just turns to ashes in my mouth.

However, I’ve found value in the “being” of others. When I hurt, I mean really hurt, I don’t want to hurt alone.  I don’t wish my pain upon another, but it sure is nice to have someone with me while I’m in the midst of it.

I’ve spent countless hours with grieving families, hurt individuals, times when emotions are either exploding around us or being locked up tight behind an iron facade. At the end of that time, no one can remember what I said.  But, everyone remembers that I was there with them.

“Being” counts.


Thanks for “being” with me.

Thanks for reading my little blog.

Thanks for playing WoW with me, and letting me be a part of (y)our WoW community.

Thanks for just “being.”  I really appreciate it.


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