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A Social Game

I think that Cynwise said it best.  He described WoW as a game, under-girded by a social platform.  Ok, that wasn’t exactly it, but pretty close.

While people can play WoW as a solo gamer, I believe that something is missed in solo play.

Don’t get me wrong, I leveled solo with my first character, all the way to 60 (Vanilla WoW).  I didn’t get into group play until the Burning Crusade expansion.

Instancing and Raiding isn’t the full extent of the Social aspect of the game.  We can’t forget guilds, pvp teams, and many other social aspects (some character generated) of the game.

These things add a depth to the game, that solo players don’t experience.

I saw a dusty track in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms the other day.  I knew that meant Portent was up!  I already have the purple/blue and red version of this wonderful pet.

So, I track him down, mark him; and it was one I already have.

What do I do?  I immediately get on guild chat, to see if any lvl 90 hunters are on.

Turns out, one was alting around; and he was able to get on his lvl 90, get to the Vale, and tame Potent!

His taming of the pet was just as satisfying for me, as me taming the pet!

I helped a guildie; and that was a wonderfully satisfying experience.


Grats Ivanho!

Grats Ivanho!

WoW is experience better, together.



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I don’t think I’m going to make my 50,000 words during this month of November.

It seems, that though there is a part of me that thinks writing 50,000 words is a worthy goal, a significant part of me longs for something else.

You see, there are many reasons that people roll a Hunter.  It could be said that many (not all) people will end up rolling a hunter sooner or later, believing that it is a simple class to play.

No argument there.  I’ve often found the Hunter class easy to play, but hard to master.

But, there are some of us that are Hunters because the class bets fits who we are.

Do we play other classes?


But, we always come back to the Hunter as our main.

That is me.

I’m a Hunter because that is where my heart is.

I’m a Beast Mastery Hunter because I dearly love the Combat Pets.

Look who I found wandering around the Vale!

I must give much link love to WoW Rare Spawns!

Euphyley makes it all possible!

Oh, and I’m still obsessing over Battle Pets.

Totally loving the new patch!


P.s. Why yes, I did get a hair cut!  Thanks for noticing.  😉

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