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I swear, I should start a blog by that name.


A blog of Tankadin Mediocrity and Unwillingness to Tank Current Content!

What do you think?  Could I get a following?

I’m not sure why, but I continue to do everything but tank on my lvl 85+ Paladins.

Lord, I have three of them! 

Caligan Effer

Caligan PhR

Khesed MG

You would think that I would have tried my hand at it by now.  But no, it hasn’t happened yet. I always figure out something to do.  I might do some pet battles. I might grind out some ore for blacksmithing.  I might decide to not try it, for fear of messing up and giving which ever guild tag I’m wearing a bad name.

One thing that stays the same, is that none of them make it into an instance.

I blame no one but myself.  I just need to go do it.


Where is that ore!


P.s. I should also add that I’m lazy. The idea of going through guides for ever stinking instance/raid/whatever is overwhelming to my huntard brain!


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