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I want a new title. I want:

“Helper Zwingli”

Now, the title I’m wearing “Farmer Zwingli” is highly appropriate.  I can honestly say that I spend most of my time farming up veggies, hunting up the meat, and making the Pandaren Treasure Noodle Carts.

Now, for those interested, there are purely mercenary reasons for doing this. The Frostwolves use an ELPEKGDLP…Some sort of thingy that allows raiders to gain points. Based upon their number of points they have access to special items AND they can use spend these point on LOOTZ!!!  One of the way you gain these points is by getting raid materials together, and the aforementioned carts are one of those items that we can turn in to gain points.

There’s only one problem…

I’m not a raider!

I’m sitting here with the most point of any person in the guild, and I’M NEVER GOING TO TURN THEM IN!!!

“What a waste of time,” you may say.

I think not.

You see, here’s the thing.  We all play for our own particular reasons.  Some play to raid. Some play to rp. Some play to socialize in /gchat.

I would guess that there are as many reasons to play WoW as there are players.

For me, it’s all about helping.

I’m not saying I’m being altruistic. It doesn’t mean that other’s aren’t helping.  It means that this is the way that I’ve found that I can add the greatest value to the guild that I can.  While I’m a solo player, I really want to be a help to my guild.

What do I get out of it?  I’m glad you asked.  I get my strokes from it.

1) It feels good.  Please understand, this is a pretty nice reward in and of itself. I feel like I’m adding something positive.

2) I get a kick out of Navi mentioning it in vent. I’ve asked about giving my points to other raiders, but she put the ka-bosh down on that idea quickly.

3)  It gives me a reason to log in, even if it is just for a few minutes to harvest my crops.

And, 4) if by some random chance RNGesus allows me to raid, get a normal Garrosh kill, and that beautiful BOA Bow drops (heck, I’d be happy with the Flex version)…I’m sooooooo spending all of my points on it!

Again, I think we all have our reasons why we play. For me, I want to help out my guildies as best as I can, given the play time I have.

What about you?  Why do you play?


P.s. Please send your prayers and kind thoughts my way. It’s only a month before I report to COT for my 5 week introduction *cough* to USAF life as a Chaplain.  I’m giving my 4 weeks notice at my job (yes that’s a thing), selling our house, trying to get into better shape (10min mile, here I come!) Things are winding down here at an atomic pace.  This will be the first time I’ve been separated from my family for any length of time. I just want everything to go as smoothly as possible.


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I made this list in my Evernote App, so that I could bring it up whenever I need it (on my phone, tablet, etc.).  I thought some of my readers might find it useful as well.

I’m sure it’s already up somewhere else. 🙂


Pandaren Treasure Nooodle Cart Kit +300 “useful stat”

  • 5 Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp
    • 1 Black Pepper (Iron Paw Token)
    • 5 Mantis Shrimp
    • 5 Mushan Ribbs
    • 25 Green Cabbage
  • 5 Chun Tian Spring Rolls
    • 1 Rice Flour (Iron Paw Token)
    • 5 Redbelly Mandarin
    • 5 Raw Tiger Steaks
    • 25 Red Blossom Leek
  • 5 Mogu Fish Stew
    • 1 Black Pepper (Iron Paw Token)
    • 5 Emperoro Salmon
    • 5 Raw Crocolisk Bellly
    • 25 Mogu Pumpkin
  • 5 Steamed Crab Suprise
    • 1 Rice Flower (Iron Paw Token)
    • 5 Jewel Danio
    • 5 Raw Crab Meat
    • 25 White Turnip
  • 5 Sea Mist Rice Noodles
    • 1 Rice Flour (Iron Paw Token)
    • 5 Tiger Gourami
    • 5 Raw Turtle Meat
    • 25 Scallions
  • 5 Mad Brewer’s Breakfast
    • 1 Black Pepper (Iron Paw Token)
    • 50 Pink Turnip

Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit +275 “useful stat

  • 5 Eternal Blossom Fish
    • 5 Jade Lungfish
    • 25 Striped Melon
  • 5 Twin Fish Platter
    • 10 Krasarang Paddlefish
  • 5 Braised Turtle
    • 5 Raw Turtle Meat
    • 25 Juicycrunch Carrot
  • 5 Fire spirit Salmon
    • 5 Emperor Salmon
    • 25 Scalllions
  • 5 Valley Stir Fry
    • 5 Reef Octopus
    • 5 Wildfowl Breast
  • 5 Jade Witch brew
    • 25 Witchberries
    • 25 Jade Squash

Noodle cart Kit +250 “useful stat”

  • 5 Charbroiled Tiger steak 
    • 5 Raw Tiger  Steak
  • 5 Sauteed Carrots
    • 10 Juicycrunch Carrot
  • 5 Swirling Mist Soup
    • 5 Jade Lungfish
  • 5 Shrimp Dumplings
    • 5 Giant Mantis Shrimp
  • 5 Wildfowl roast
    • 5 Wildfowl Breast
  • 5 Ginseng Tea
    • 5 Ginseng

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