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I just took down Lil’ Oondasta after three tries, using three different teams. Lil’ Oondasta is the Battle Pet that Little Tommy Newcomer busts out on you when you take his daily quest.

Here is what I ended up beating him with:


I’m not saying this will work every time, just that it worked for me this time. 🙂

Here is what I did.

I started out with the Zepplin. I dropped a Decoy, which allowed two things. It blocked two of his attacks and allowed me to pummel him with Missles. He ended up taking the Zepplin out after about 4-5 turns, allowing it to come back to life for one final turn. I then used the Explode ability to knock Lil’ Oondasta down to about 1,200 health points.

Next up was Clockwork. I built a turret, and then proceeded to just pound on him with the Metal Fist. That lasted two to three rounds, at which time Lil’ Oondasta used his ability to swap out my remaining pet.

Remaining health was right above 800 health points.

Finally, my PWD was brought out (earlier than I had planned, to be honest). I immediately used the Screeching Gears ability, which not only does damage (around 300 or so), but also has a 25% chance to stun. Lil’ Oondasta got stunned, which then allowed my PWD to use his Supercharge ability followed by his Metal Fist attack.

That ended up taking took Lil’ Oondasta out.

I’m not sure if that last stun was essential to the success of this team, but it sure didn’t hurt!

So, there you have it!

I hope this is somewhat helpful for those out there that are looking for a way to beat the little monster. 🙂



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Unborn Val’kry

It took me a little over 4 weeks, but I finally found an Unborn Val’kry!


I found her just south of the giant stairway, that connects Northeastern Grizzly Hills and Zul’drak.  Here is a map of the area, via Wowhead.com.

Grizzly Hills Map via Wowhead

What nifty pets have you added to your collection lately?!


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Look What I Found!

This is a Zwingli with a Qiraji Guardling.


This is  a Zwingli with 3 Qiraji Guardlings!


I was actually able to hold onto two so that guildies could each get one as well.  In the end, I was able to get a blue and two greens.

My secret to finding pets is the low pop servers. Don’t know what my luck will be like once they merge the servers.  But, thus far I have three Scourged Whelplings, three Minfernals, and now three Qiraji Guardlings!

Life is good.



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I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I am.

I know that it may sound arrogant. I can sound like I’m bragging.  Perhaps I am.

I’m blessed by the people I know. The groups that allow me to wear the guild tags.

From <Phoenix Rising>, to the <Frostwolves>, to the <Claws of Nature>.  I am blessed by the people in my life.

Thank you for being there.

Friends that Give from their Creativity

I’ve already mentioned this once, but it bears mentioning again. You see, friends are what make this game great.  Friends that write you poems of appreciation.


Gifts that cost something

Friends that give you Battle Pets, to show their care and appreciation.


These were gifts from a wonderful friend in game.  Thank you so very much!


Finally, there has been some RNG love as well.  I can’t explain it. I know that people have been suffering. They’ve been camping these sort of pets for weeks, if not months. I’m not sure exactly how I wound up with 3 within 7 days.WoWScrnShot_020713_233104

In the end, this is my thought.

Be thankful.

Be thankful for the people that welcome you when you log in. Be thankful for those you raid with, talk on vent with, pursue those in-game goals with.

So tell me, who do you appreciate?


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I’m not sure if you heard or not, but Navi has been gifted with a Darkmoon Rabbit Battle Pet.

Darkmoon Rabbit Pic

Big Nashing Teeth!

Go ahead, read her post.

Actually, go ahead and Google “Darkmoon Rabbit” and see what you get.  If you read enough of it, you’ll come away with an idea on how hard it is to get one, and the level of admiration/affection her friend has for her.

A while back, Matty and I came up with an idea to gift Navi with a collage of Notes of Appreciation.  In the midst of trying to contact all of the 60+ Blogs on her Blogroll, I was asked a question.

“Z, what’s with all the Navi-love?”

My response was:

“I’m not really sure. I guess she is the common thread between me and Matty.”

In her blog post, someone makes a statement on how “nice” a “friend” she has.

In which she responds, “I only HAVE nice friends :)”

While I don’t doubt the veracity of that statement, I think there may be more of a reason.

Why does Navimie “seem” to get so many meaningful gifts?

Here is my answer:

Navi makes you feel like a Rock Star.

My first piece of evidence is the Navispams.

There is only one reason that all of these people have been Navispammed.  Namely, that they are “worth” it.  Navimie has decided that these folks are worth getting to know. Worth researching, tracking down, stalking, blogged about, and shown for all the world to see at their very best.

Navimie gets nice things because she has gone out of her way, made it a mission, to show others as “being” special, worthy and wanted.

My second piece of evidence is her constant encouragement.

Not only does she read every boring USAF Update I write, but she constantly pours encouragement into it.

Navi Encouragement

I’m not the only one she does this to.

My third piece of evidence is how she shows appreciation.

You see, thankfulness is systemic with her.  It is part and parcel with who she is as a WoW Player/Community Blogger.

Her blog is full of “Navispams, Thank Yous, and Gratz(!) Posts.”

And then, she even goes the extra mile with something like this:

WoWScrnShot_013113_221338 WoWScrnShot_013113_221332

You can also read where she did something similar for Erinys of Harpy’s Nest Blog.

This is why Navimie gets nice things:

It is an outpouring of appreciation for the gift(s) she’s already given us.

Now, who should we lavish some love upon next?  I’m taking nominations!  

Email me: zwinglisblog@gmail.com


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I had two Death Knights camped out on a couple of servers in Jaguero Isle.

I’ve been hunting the elusive Baby Ape!  Turns out, they only come out and play during the rain.

I logged in onto Dexington around 6:00pm CST, and it was raining!

I saw multiple green paws, and I immediately moused over the closest one.


I was able to tame two before the rain ended, and the others disappeared.  I ended up with a Poor and Common quality pet.

WoWScrnShot_020413_180329Turnip is for Tame!

WoWScrnShot_020413_180248Even got an Acheezement out of it!

WoWScrnShot_020413_180737Zwingli’s newest family member!  


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A picture worth a thousand words.  In this case, it’s worth numerous days of camping Felwood across three different servers as well.

Place: Felwood

Server: Sentinels

Time of Day: 3:40pm CST

# Spawned/Quality: 1 of Poor Quality


For those of you still camping this pet.  You can do it!  One will spawn for you!

May you be blessed with one soon…


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